The Beauty In You

Never seen a maiden so fairer,
they said, but i knew better,
as my eyes beheld my simulacre,
my heart opined, it’s just exterior,
and it doesn’t matter

Oh dear, why won’t you approbate,
the beauty in you, they implored,
Oh yes I replied, am defined a beauty,
by my visage, nevertheless, holds
no value for me, with a soul,
so tarnished

As i walked down the aisle,
Ooh’s and Aah’s of the people,
awed by my mien’s dazzle,
filled the hall of the bethel,
yet, my eyes fell,
only on the human male,
who had partly mended my soul,
for his words though were beautiful,
their reach was small,
his heart so admirable,
deserved an equal

In the days of your impending arrival,
oh boy, was i still skeptical,
But when i held you it was magical,
your innocent, toothless smile,
the sparkle of your eyes,
all the temper tantrums,
the puppy face, the mischievous look,
oh my dear, i realized, what a beauty,
a soul so full of life!

Millions of words, spoken about me,
the fair maiden, none can match
the single and most precious word,
that you uttered, completely healing,
my tarnished soul

It was the beauty in you, my darling,
that rendered me attractive,
in my own eyes, for my soul,
now complete, no more just a
fairer maiden, but the mother
of my precious gem, you, my child
and for that, am forever grateful to you.


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