We all need that one friend ..

 Sometimes, words are not enough to portray or convey the feelings or thoughts.And if we are not able to find a way to convey them, then there is no use in worrying about it.

It isn’t fair to assume the reason behind one’s actions or words. The problem is that,we just can’t seem to muster our courage and talk about it.
Mostly because of the fear of being judged and laughed at. We  would rather  bury it within our minds and act as if life is peachy.But there is always a consequence.
As days pass, the burden will increase and reach a point where it will affect the very core of our life.All you need is one friend to share them.
He/She might even be a total stranger or a close friend.
Only if we share our thoughts, we will know how it will be received.
It is silly to assume the reactions of other people and  worrying.But at the same time ,even if that friend reacts differently than expected, be ready to accept their views.
Open up,share your thoughts and you will realize the burden to have vanished.Hope you find your friend. I have.. 

Dedicated to that friend of mine.

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