Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows


 Urging her feet,she scuttled across,

her heart filled with trepidation,

abnegated her,from looking back,

in fear of being captured


She scampered through the tunnel,

hoping to reach the ray of light,

that shone at its end,before

she succumbed to the wily beings


She could sense them,lurking

along the sides,biding their time

for the perfect juncture, to

snatch her,


Trying to escape from their clutches,

her only hope, to reach the faint light,

which got brighter as she raced,

through time ,And she did reach


Her heart let out a whoop of joy,

just as she entered the safe haven,

but to her horror,she felt her

being pulled by the predators


She reached out her heart in vain,

towards the light,the pull’s duress,

overwhelming her,her eyes closed,

as the Dark Shadows devoured her.



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