Is God, biggest tyrant?/Sick n tired of atheist moron

Disclaimer: I am not a prolific writer and neither am I a profound thinker; To write on a topic that requires reasoning ability and all that jazz, is tough job for me. So the below write-up might be confusing and nonsensical. So I happily welcome all the hate mail and rotten tomatoes and what not to my inbox. Definitely no intention to offend anyone. This is just a post by a confused soul. So apologies in advance if it hurts anyone inadvertently.

Is god the world’s biggest tyrant? No, I don’t think so. Am I sick n tired of atheist morons? Nope, definitely not. But, hell yeah, am pretty much tired of this conflict that is going on for ages.

It s all about beliefs isn’t it?  Not all people are same. Human beings are unique in their own way and differ from each other. When people are different, it’s only natural that their beliefs too will be different. And there is nothing wrong about it. So why do we have to argue about it. Won’t it be fair to all, if we agree to disagree? We can’t do that, can we? Cause it’s not in basic human nature. We always want to be the one who’s right and we love to prove others wrong. Its not in the human nature to not investigate about a mystery. We have this insatiable urge to define unexplainable things; otherwise we would all die of curiosity *yeah ,right*

(My take)

So human beings would have wondered about their origin and they came to believe in a divine power and coined the term god. Probably they were grateful and wanted to offer thanks. But how can u say it to someone who is unseen. So they used their imagination * oh boy, aren’t we good at that* and result gods in various forms. And they probably started worshiping asking for continued blessings.

Days passed and peoples’ progenies would have come onto this earth and when the elder generation tried to instill the beliefs in them, some of the younglings would have raised the questions “Why? How” and what not. *observed from each generation, the next one never accepts what the elders say without asking questions*. The elders would have a hard time to convince the young ones and so to aid them, they would have created the myths and legends *well, it’s very easy, you know?? All you need is an vivid imagination Yeah, yeah I can hear you telling that they are not myths but real facts. Well, you may be right .I don’t have a time turner with me, to exactly know what happened*. They would have probably succeeded to an extent, but there might be some younglings who were skeptical about it.

What would have happened if a calamity had befallen the human beings? What would have been their reaction?? There is a possibility for two reactions as far as my brain *a below average one* could think. They would have lost faith in their beliefs or the most common nature of human being would have kicked in. They would have assumed that the Gods were angry and the head person might have come up with some ritual which would be a solution to the problem in the first place or a sick ritual just for their pleasure.*Assumption is the root cause for all troubles, I say*.

Well, what if the people lost faith? They would have started preaching to others and the doubts lingering in the younglings skeptical of the beliefs would have started to haunt them and so the search for the so called TRUTH, very well aided by their brain. For they knew, they can’t just bluff. If they wanted others to believe them, they needed some proof. And so they set on their journey and worked towards it

In the meantime, different clans would have come across each other and found their beliefs to be different. So the concept of religion would have blossomed. They might have compared the result of the other clans’ rituals, gods with their own. Initially they would have adopted some changes into their religions, but later fought on the supremacy of their religions.*of course ego would have kicked in, if the other clan’s gods were more beautiful, there by inferring that their imagination is far better.*

Amidst these things, some human beings might have been born with gifts. And their actions would have been so sincere and passionate, that people felt that it was a divine experience to be with them and followed them and considered them to be blessed. It isn’t those gifted people’s fault *Well, I am not talking about the ones faking it!!* They would have just wanted to help. Well, at least I think it was that way. Or they would have loved all the attention that they were getting. God Who knows *Oops Strike that :-P*

So what happened to the people or people who lost belief and set out to find proof?  Well, on the way to find the proof of the truth, they did discover many wonderful things that provided some credibility to their arguments. But they wanted the people with beliefs to come out of the ignorance and blamed religion and God for all the problems in this world. *Well, I am confused*. They don’t believe in God, right?  Then how can they blame something or someone they don’t believe in. They should be blaming human being. They are the root cause for all the chaos and they choose ignorance. Let them be. Why do the non-believers try so hardly to make the believers see sense ?  Out of care ?? *yeah, right* Nope ,they wanted to prove them wrong.*Well , yeah, there are people who really do care(both theists and atheists). And I respect them*

Like the conflict between different religions, there arose a conflict between the believers and the non-believers. Reason, you ask? The believers wanted the non-believers to accept their version of truth and vice versa.*Duh the name sounds dumb* There can’t be someone who is a non-believer. Cause that person strongly believes that there is no such thing as God. So he/she does believe in something. So how can u call that person as a non-believer??

  They argued, fought for a stand ,forcing their opinions on each other, trying their level best to convince each other. And they still do. It is kind of irritating sometimes. I can hear it. People have right to express opinions. I agree. They are entitled to give voice to their opinions , but not stuff it on others. It would be just wonderful, if people agree to that.

So I hear you asking, what am i? Do I believe in God or Not? Well, I do believe in something which is along the line My life’s destination is set by the kind of thoughts running in my mind.


P.S: I know ,people might find  there  is no reasonable logic Please feel free to drop a mail if u wanna tell that  I should stop writing such a dump.


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