Kindness – Sharing is caring !! :-) :-)

To write about an act of kindness that inspired me should be actually easy ! Or that’s what i thought , until i sat down to actually start writing on it .But nope, my mind drew up a blank as the clock went on with its tick-tock. It has been more than an hour since i opened the blank word document. And it was still blank. “Come on, it shouldn’t be so difficult to remember a profound act of that cadre”. It is not like i had never witnessed or experience kindness. But still i had no clue as to why my mind was clogged up and wouldn’t let me remember. I felt that if i tried too hard  to remember and then wrote about it , it would definitely resemble a superficial one. So i gave up  and went to bed.

And just as i was about to drift off into my Neverland, my brain didn’t fail me. It came up with the imagery. Yup I finally got one. It wasn’t what i expected but it led me to think more deeply about kindness.

So what was the imagery? I am sure you would like to know . It  was of my  1.5 year old niece sharing her favorite snacks “Lays” with us. She always takes a bite , then takes turns to give  us a bite from the same chip . The first time she did it, i was surprised. For we had not asked her for the chips  or told her anything about sharing.  Then there was this incident, we were out  and we happened to pass by a cute black puppy . She stopped us and showed us the dog and said bikky , which means biscuit in her language :P. What she was trying to say is , that she wanted to feed biscuits to the puppy.  Awwwww !! Yup that was my reaction.

This led to another memory of my own. New city ,New school, first day  and already late. So i get to sit in last bench. I couldn’t understand what was being said or taught and i was feeling down  and almost on the verge of tears,  when i hear a sound “psst”. I turn around to check where exactly is the origin of sound and there it was again .  The girl sitting on the bench beside me, smiled at me and waved . She took a chocolate from her box and asked me whether i wanted to have it . I said no, but she broke it into half and leaned over and kept it on my hand . I smiled in return as we both secretly munched on the chocolate.  Nevertheless to say , I felt better. That was my first stint with friendship and kindness.

Kindness :  The act of being friendly,generous or considerate.  Kindness can be inculcated from childhood. Yes, but as people age such kindness require a constant and conscious effort from the individual to be implemented .  Sometimes when  people are caught up in their life , they stop making the effort. But blessed are the people who are kind by their inherent nature. And blessed are we to be present in their midst. For they don’t require any effort to be kind. Just like a kid sharing his/her things with a sibling or friend.  And I wish  that the universe should always be blessed with  the presence of such people.


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