Hide and Seek

In the rustle of the fallen leaves,

I sense your footsteps,

Along with the nocturnals’ buzz,

I hear your whispers,

The shadows on the street walls,

I hope its yours,

Around me i sense all the staring eyes,

I feel one of them is yours,

As i am surrounded by cool breeze,

I feel my nails against your fingertips,

wrapping my fingers around yours,

I realize your absence,

Its just an illusion

Desperate to seek you out,

I reach out to you,but

I can sense you slipping through,

So close,yet so far,

Oh dear,yes,i love your playfulness,

But not this game dear,it spikes,

my heart’s distress

Please come back,my love,

my heart is craving, to hold your hands,

to hear your voice,to be checked out

by your love filled eyes,

Say it sweetheart,

Say it once more,

That I am yours,only yours.


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