The Lady In Black

Sky studded with stars,
crescent moon’s ethereal glow,
the insects’ buzzing music,
Oh yes! A beautiful night,

No wonder,couples thronged,
the streets,to bask in,
the gorgeousness of the night,
accentuating it,was the cool wind,
an accessory to the couples’,
romantic escapade,

The night’s beauty hadn’t spared,
the lady in black too,her peers,
dearly knew her as “ice queen”,
The magical night ,had a profound,
effect on her,threatening,
to break her facade

Her face ,devoid of expressions,
now exuded deep sorrow,
in her cold eyes,now resided,
a non curable pain,

As she strode gracefully,buried memories,
conquered her mind,a tear,
rolled down her cheek,
for the first time ,in a long time,
solitude made her soul ache,

Her black dress flapped about her,
as the cool breeze stung,
worsening her state,
she longed to be held,in the arms,
which had once been her home,
now home to someone else,

As she reached the alcove,
the secret ,private place ,
shared by her and her love,
memories overwhelmed her,

The entrance of a couple,
broke her reverie,her eyes closed,
her eyes flew open,when she ,
heard their mirthful laughter,its
familiarity startled her,

A smile adorned her face,as her eyes,
found the couple, it was her love,
She was happy yet sad ,to see him ,
enjoying the night ,with his ,
new found love,

Tears flowing freely,she left the alcove,
to her resting place,as she lay down,
her love’s smiling face ,the last image,
filled her soul with peace,before,
the darkness engulfed her.


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