When cupid threw his hammer

She had lost faith in LOVE,

her first encounter with it,

had left her soul marred,

imprinted on her mind that,

love is never fair,

She didnt desert love though,

happy that love prevailed,

atleast for her dear ones,

she endorsed love to her,

friends,helping them feel,

the heavenly bliss that,

was love’s companion,

Acting as a guiding star,

for the people around her,

making sure they never,

missed any step which might,

lead them to abyss,

Her firm resolve that,

love was never for her,

controlled her heart,

whenever LOVE wooed her,

But then my dear,

It frustrated Cupid,

to see his ambassador without love,

for the first time in his eternal life,

his arrows were failing him,

Not able to tolerate her anguish anymore,

Cupid sought the help of his dear friend,

When Cupid threw his hammer,

Thor sent his blessings with it ,

As the hammer impacted its destination,

the stone layer of the maiden’s heart shattered,

As love entered her heart’s chambers,

her mind was filled with apprehension,

will her love accept her blemished heart and soul?


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