Newton got it right !! Third time lucky !

Newton got it right !! Third time lucky ! 

In my childhood, i happened to come  across many proverbial sayings , either in books or through elders’ thoughts.I didn’t understand the purpose of these proverbs. I just took satisfaction in the fact that i knew them by heart when asked. I understood their meaning but not really in the sense to apply or follow them in my life.  I didn’t need to . Thank God for that ! 😛

But now, at the age of 27 , I wish i could go back to that phase of my life , where i really didn’t understand these sayings and live my life according to my wish. Even if i decide to abide by any of these proverbs or sayings, what makes it more confusing is the inability to decide which one i should go by. For each proverbial verse that suggests an action, there is a proverb which suggests an action exactly opposite. Seriously ?  Even proverbs seems to follow Newton’s rule.

Do i persevere or let go ?  Do i have to be hasty or hesitate a lot ? Should i change for the society or be the way i am ? should i pursue my desires or be happy with what i have ?  do i judge people or not ?  should it be a team work or not ?

Confusing ,ain’t it ? if i decide based on the situation , i can never know if its the right one , until i act upon it and face the consequences. And if the results are not the ones i desired, it is going to be a big mess. I suppose there is a thin line of difference between these sayings and it would probably be better if i follow that line. Don’t know for sure .doubtful yet hopeful. 😉

Sharing some of these contradictory proverbs, in the hope of confusing you !! 😛  😉

Out of Sight,Out of Mind :: Absence makes the heart grows fonder

Try,Try,Try until you succeed :: Don’t beat your head against a stone wall

All good things comes to those who wait :: Time and Tide waits for no man

Never judge a book by its cover :: Cloth makes the man

Above all, to thine own self be true :: When in Rome, do as Romans do


8 thoughts on “Newton got it right !! Third time lucky !

  1. yup so many polar opposite view .. i used to think… they wanted to confuse us.. but what I understood recently is that… choice is ours always 🙂 and that’s the only thing that defines us..

    • Yup true Aparna !! But making a choice isn’t easy either 😛 I have rambled about it too !! 🙂 .. But like you said , the choices we make is what defines us,eventually

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