All about Choice


Just one spark of thought and a minute of contemplation is all that is needed for a change of mind ! Being spontaneous is an absolute fun.Just doing what the heart wants or what the heart feels as the right thing , without letting the brain take the fun out of it with its reasoning, has always been my way.

27 years of insane life and i haven’t completely figured out myself yet. And am not even sure whether i will be able to. An Aquarian , myself , i have always been hoping for a fairy-tale life. But the same heart also knew it was not possible and it stopped hoping for such impossible and impractical things. I learned to be practical , but sometimes emotions do get the better of me .

Maybe because i held the reins of my heart so tightly, it always fell for the most complicated choices. And it acted on its whim. I realized long back , that when things does not happen my way, its good.Realized , that for certain aspects of life, where i have no clue as to the consequences of doing what my heart desires, it is not wrong to let my brain decide upon it.

For these aspects of life, contemplation over the decision is needed. There might be deep sadness in my heart because of not doing what it wanted , but who knows the sadness could have been way deeper in case the consequences had turned bad.

Life can be either simple or complicated. It’s all based on the choices one makes. Why does it have to be that way ? Why do we always have to choose ? Yes I know . One can’t have everything . So one has got to choose.
but leave getting to have everything, in the end after making choices all life long, they would not have got anything . It’s not fair . yeah I can hear the argument. Well, you got to live with the choice made.
What i am saying is that why the hell there has to be choices in the first place . It’s not that easy.

It’s difficult to choose between the right choice and the easy choice. And the view of the choices vary with people ‘s perception. The easy choice will be the right choice for someone and vice versa.

How does one decide between what’s a right choice and a wrong one? A question which i asked to a friend recently and the reply was ” If the choice causes harm or hurts other people, then it’s wrong. Else it’s not “.Well then what if the right choice, ends up hurting the one choosing it ? Isn’t it wrong ? Shouldn’t the choice be fair. Why would anyone want to choose something that will cause pain and suffering to them?

Why is the thought of sacrificing one’s desire over the welfare of the others portrayed as if it’s a god like characteristic. ? Why is it being encouraged? Ain’t it similar to suicide ? What sort of life will it be, the one without any desires?

What else binds them to life ? What else keeps them living? What is the need for such a life which no one can understand ?which even the person living it ,can’t understand?

Hell. It’s not at all possible to understand one’s own life. With the age and life experienced , the basic makeup of one’s mind and soul undergoes many changes. At the end of journey when they look back they won’t even be able to identify themselves.


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