Thief of the damsel’s heart

Silent night,the sky lit

by the fading moon,

reflecting in the horizon,

the turbulent waves crashing,

against  the rocky walls

A lonely youth,dancing through

the shadows,agilely ascended

the fort,avoiding the guards

rushed across the chambers,

 Intent on reaching the destination,

No key can unlock the chamber,

Designed to open on its own,

for the right person,

at the right time,

the treasure lay here,

Guarded by a single lute,

inside a chest,lay the precious

one can attain it ,when they

play the soul’s music on

the lute,

Magic it was,he didnt lay a finger

on the lute , behold,the chest was open,

his breath being the music of the soul,

along with his sweet words and laughter,

flowing like a symphony,

The treasure,the damsel’s heart was stolen,

by this lovable thief , who for once got rewarded

for his theft with the soul and love of the damsel

P.S: Second poem that i penned ! i somehow forgot to blog it !


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