Thief of the damsel’s heart

Silent night,the sky lit

by the fading moon,

reflecting in the horizon,

the turbulent waves crashing,

against  the rocky walls

A lonely youth,dancing through

the shadows,agilely ascended

the fort,avoiding the guards

rushed across the chambers,

 Intent on reaching the destination,

No key can unlock the chamber,

Designed to open on its own,

for the right person,

at the right time,

the treasure lay here,

Guarded by a single lute,

inside a chest,lay the precious

one can attain it ,when they

play the soul’s music on

the lute,

Magic it was,he didnt lay a finger

on the lute , behold,the chest was open,

his breath being the music of the soul,

along with his sweet words and laughter,

flowing like a symphony,

The treasure,the damsel’s heart was stolen,

by this lovable thief , who for once got rewarded

for his theft with the soul and love of the damsel

P.S: Second poem that i penned ! i somehow forgot to blog it !


In love, again

Not again, I said to myself,

This is not at all fair ,

I vowed to never fall in love again,

But here am I ,pining over someone.

I had distanced myself from the people,

who had a chance of making me fall for their features,

I thought my heart was safe, inside the stone fortress,

But alas , I never knew that a mirthful laughter

from a certain person’s lips could smash the barrier to pieces.

Life isn’t easy and so is love,

As i fell in love with him,

I felt the bliss and pain,

that  accompanies love.

Is it gonna be a happy ending or

a sad one? I have no clue,

Either way , I am enjoying

the journey with him.

Never can understand Love,

I thought i knew ,

but here it is again,

i am in love with a person,

who had broken my assumption.

My writing doesn’t follow any rules,

so does our relationship.

But one thing i know for sure,

I am in love with you ,

Am happy that its you,

who has won my heart,

the most lovable person i have met.

Dubious Zeal

Amidst a plethora of humans,
Yet cocooned in solitude,
Encompassed in unadulterated silence, 
Yet a pandemonium arises in mind,
Striding under the blazing sun,
Yet its raining in soul,
Just a day glided by,
Yet it was akin to a year,
Restless ,yet blissful,
Experiencing ,undefined
Emotions,which makes,
my life interesting.

When cupid threw his hammer

She had lost faith in LOVE,

her first encounter with it,

had left her soul marred,

imprinted on her mind that,

love is never fair,

She didnt desert love though,

happy that love prevailed,

atleast for her dear ones,

she endorsed love to her,

friends,helping them feel,

the heavenly bliss that,

was love’s companion,

Acting as a guiding star,

for the people around her,

making sure they never,

missed any step which might,

lead them to abyss,

Her firm resolve that,

love was never for her,

controlled her heart,

whenever LOVE wooed her,

But then my dear,

It frustrated Cupid,

to see his ambassador without love,

for the first time in his eternal life,

his arrows were failing him,

Not able to tolerate her anguish anymore,

Cupid sought the help of his dear friend,

When Cupid threw his hammer,

Thor sent his blessings with it ,

As the hammer impacted its destination,

the stone layer of the maiden’s heart shattered,

As love entered her heart’s chambers,

her mind was filled with apprehension,

will her love accept her blemished heart and soul?


Stranded in the island,

my wish or dream,or

whatever one desires to

call it as ,has come true

Peace filled my heart,

as here i am finally,

with my wonderful companion,

solitude,miles away from

the place called my home,

from the people who know me,

away from human civilization

Resolved to start over again,

a new way of life, i know

it wont be easy,but i dont

intend to give up,

i may turn to my instincts,

buried deep down, for my

survival,may go insane or

turn wild ,but that feels good,

far more than the stupid ,

complicated emotions involved,

while living in a civilization

Out of sight ,out of mind,

I may lose my memory ,

of the people i know,except

the one i love,except

the one who hurt me ,

But decades later,

if i am still alive,

then my memory about them,

too will fade away.

A new life ,

a new beginning,

hoping to make

new memories

In his arms

Mist settled,as she stood

the withered leaves rustled,

her hair being caressed by the wind,

the coolness of which prickled her mind,

Peaceful ,it should have been , but rather,

her mind and soul were in the mood

for melancholic music,for she couldn’t

enjoy the night’s beauty encompassing her,

She was there , but not her soul or mind,

they were missing their mate ,a dull ache,

formed in her heart,as she longed for

her loved one’s arms to envelop her,

Eyes closed, her mind began its work,

as the image of her lover came forth,

her frown turned upwards to a smile,

her heart skipped a beat,as familiar

butterflies fluttered inside her,

His eyes sparkling with a twinkle,

always left her drowning in its pool,

Although it was his lips,that made

her go crazy,with the sweet words,

and the music of his laughter ,left her

grinning from ear to ear,

As she felt his muscular arms enclosing her,

her mind,body and soul fell at peace ,

but a dull ache reminded her , it was surreal,

No it was real, her heart’s palpitation rose,

as she opened her eyes slowly to meet his eyes,

There he was with his radiating smile , her love

reflecting in his eyes , as she buried herself in his arms,

the music turned soulful,her world filled

with radiant colors

everything was perfect,just perfect

as she stood there in her loved one’s arms.

Dreary Servitude

The sound of incessant,

touch of the keyboard,

akin  to the sweet,

harmony of a

stream tumbling down,

became the lullaby

The bright orange flashing,

of the chatterbox gizmo,

made my dreams colorful,

The manuscript filled with rows

and columns uploaded,

in the aperture morphs

itself into armament

of destruction,

the circadian pace


macabrish feature

to the nightmare,

jerking me awake

from it, only to realize

that i wasn’t dreaming,

but living my life,

the life of an,

impassionate ITan