Lost and Found

   She walked across and sat on the ledge, her legs dangling. Cool breeze wafted around her,unsuccessful in its attempt to deter her resolve.She knew that it was a crazy idea.But she had always been reckless.It was the final act aimed at deliverance of  the soul  from the darkness surrounding it. Just a flicker of light would be sufficient to vanquish the darkness.Her wait in the hope of discovering it had been unrewarding


       She was a brave soul,for she always swam against the tide. She held pride in the fact that she was never attached to anything or anyone.Nothing would faze her. And then the catastrophe struck.She fell in love with the guy.He wasn’t perfect, but she felt he was the one.She couldn’t stop herself from falling for him,even when she knew that her love will never be reciprocated.


         It was a blessing as well as a curse. She lost herself in thoughts, daydreaming about things that would never happen.It was pleasant at first, but then the pain crept in .Then came the darkness,changing her completely.She didn’t acknowledge it, until the day she realized that she couldn’t identify the person looking at her when she stood in front of the mirror.

She resolved to let go of everything and be as she was before it happened. But it was easier said than done; for she realized that her thoughts were a tyrant and tried their best to enslave her once again.But she fought hard against her own mind and soul for their control.The battle was fierce and prolonged, but her perseverance paid off as the thoughts started to lose their foothold in her mind..


              And now,as she was sitting on the ledge, she contemplated on the experience that was awaiting her.

She had decided  her course of action to vanquish the remnant darkness by choosing to do the one  last thing in her bucket list .She took a deep breath and let out a joyful whoop as she leaped off the edge. She could hear her friends cheering her as they waited for their turn to bungee jump.She had found herself again.



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